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Séamus Ruane
Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, Community Pharmacist

Are you struggling to cope with the constant flux and change in today’s business environment?


Are you finding your work practices have changed, making it difficult to maintain your productivity?


Would you love to be a source of much-needed support to your team and colleagues?


If any of these concerns apply to you and your team then positive psychology can help.


If you are like most people in today’s unprecedented environment, you are facing a host of significant challenges.


Whether you have a team of 3 people or 300 people positive psychology can show you how to increase productivity, build resilience, and improve communication. And the best part is that all this can be achieved within the confines of little or no budget.

iThrive Take 5 consists of 10 simple yet powerful, evidence based tools you can apply immediately.


Each tool is delivered to your inbox once a day for 10 days in a bite-sized 5-minute video. So simple, so convenient, you can view them while having your lunch! And they will influence your behaviours that very same day.


The concepts are easy to apply, the evidence is clear, use these tools and you will become more productive with your time, better able to cope with change and a source of positive influence within your organization.


What differentiates these tools from others is their practicality, compelling you to act right away.


Alternatively, feel free to give me a call, for a no-obligation chat on 087-2274108.

iThrive Take 5

Learn 10 simple yet powerful, evidence based tools to help you increase productivity, build resilience, and improve communication.


Interested in taking the next step to improve your Wellbeing?