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What is The Flourishing Workplace Program?

The Flourishing Workplace Program is my signature workplace wellbeing program. It is
flourishing & wellbeing training made simple, practical and easy to apply. This unique
program is designed to give you and your people the tools and insights to-

  • Build and benefit from positive emotions
  • Increase engagement by finding & using your strengths
  • Increase your ability to connect with and positively influence others
  • Find and connect with meaning and purpose in your work
  • And handle work challenges more effectively

Program structure

I will work together with you to create a program structure that suits you and your work schedule. You may choose to conduct the workshops at your own place of work or elsewhere. The program is flexible and supports the demands of the busy work environment.

The Workshops

Introduction and the Power of Positivity

Learn to use the power of gratitude & positive emotions to drive performance. Discover how your mood affects your performance and that of your colleagues. Discover the positivity ratio and the steps you can take to improve yours. Learn simple and highly effective exercises that can be easily integrated into your daily live to improve wellbeing.

Discover & Apply Your Strengths

Learn how to identify & amplify your strengths & those of your team to increase levels of engagement and find more meaning & satisfaction in your daily work & life. Discover the common mistakes most of us make & why, and the simple, effective steps you can take to put your strengths to work.

Build Good Relationships & Improve Connections

Learn highly practical approaches to developing and maintaining quality relationships. Discover how to positively connect and influence others in effective & enjoyable ways. Learn how to build high quality connections to transform your relationships.

Make it Meaningful

Discover how you can find meaning in any task or job, no matter how boring. Find out why meaning is the number one thing most of us want from our work. Learn to connect with your sense of meaning & increase your life & work satisfaction, and improve your wellbeing. Discover how reframing our tasks as opportunities to help others can make our lives and work seem more significant.

Harness the Power of Habits

Despite our best intentions, creating change can be hard. Learn how you can create lasting change by harnessing the power of habits. With much of our daily lives & routines shaped by habit, learn how creating new habits, and replacing old ones can lead to tremendous positive change in our lives.

Practical information

You may book any combination of the workshops, although we generally recommend following all five. If you book more than one, you should allow a week between them so that the participants can familiarise themselves with the tools acquired before the following workshop. Each of the five workshops lasts preferably 1½ hours, and in any case no less than 1 hour. Workshops may be scheduled at any time of the working day, including lunchtime.


A conference or presentation room or lecture theatre is best. Class size can be anywhere from 5 to 30 or more. The program is led by Seamus Ruane. Seamus is a Community Pharmacist & Certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner. He conducts evidence based, positive psychology workshops for communities, corporate clients and individuals that lead to appreciable results in terms of improved wellbeing, performance boost, employee engagement, and stress reduction.

Free introductory session

A one-hour, free introductory talk is available demonstrating how these proven tools can significantly benefit your organisation and staff. Contact me any time to arrange a free talk at your workplace.